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Unlock the secrets to big-time book sales and gianing expert status in just 6 weeks!

✨ Tailored for nonfiction authors eager to sell more and tap into new revenue streams.

✨ Shift your focus from selling books one by one to selling at scale.

✨ Ditch basic book marketing and walk away with your unique roadmap to bulk sales.

Yes, I want to sell books in bulk!

Why Book Bulk Mastery?

✔️ If you’re ready to get your nonfiction book into the hands of eager readers who need and want your valuable information, this is for you!

✔️ If you’re sick and tired of selling your book one at a time and are eager to find buyers interested in hundreds or even thousands of copies, this is for you!

✔️ If you want to get recognized as an expert in your field and open doors to money-making opportunities, this is for you!

This intensive, no-nonsense 6-week path to your book sales success goes beyond the basic generic book marketing strategies. Right from the start, we roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of big-time book sales and ongoing revenue-generating opportunities.

By the end of these six weeks, you'll have a powerful marketing roadmap to help you stand out in your niche and form strategic partnerships worth their weight in gold.

Yes, I want to sell books in bulk!

5 Reasons You Need This Program:

Scale Up Sales

Shift from single-copy sales to selling books in bulk, leveraging strategies that significantly boost your earning potential.

 Become the Go-to Expert

Elevate your status with bulk book sales, boosting your industry authority while unlocking new marketing and revenue streams.


Content Leverage

Learn to transform book content into various formats for wider audience reach and new income streams through bulk sales strategies.


Media Mastery

Getting exposure in niche media – like industry pubs – is one great way to attract strategic partnerships and bulk sales opportunities.

Customized Plan

Craft a custom marketing strategy for bulk book sales, targeting decision-makers poised to give the green light.

This program goes beyond the basics, offering actionable strategies where the insights you gain today become the profits you celebrate tomorrow.

Say goodbye to generic strategies and hello to a plan that fits your book like a glove.

Yes, I want to sell books in bulk!

Bulk Book Mastery 6-Week Path to Sales Success

At a Glance

Week 1

Crafting Your Sales Game Plan

We start off with the nuts and bolts. Who wants your book? What makes it special? We’ll pinpoint your audience and craft a message that speaks their language. Then we’ll zero in on the channels that'll carry your book the farthest and set solid, realistic goals.

Week 2

Building a Platform That Commands Attention

You’ll learn how to build an expert platform where your insights shine, boosting your credibility sky-high. Social media will be your stage, and speaking, training, or coaching opportunities will be your personal spotlight to sell your expertise.

Week 3

Mastering the Art of the Bulk Sale

You'll become a sleuth in spotting the golden opportunities for bulk sales with our exclusive "Books in Bulk Blueprint." You’ll grasp the power of strategic partnerships that send your sales soaring and turn speaking gigs into bulk book deals.

Week 4

Your Content, Reimagined

Watch as your content takes on new life across different mediums, reaching out and grabbing attention where it’s most needed. You'll have a plan that delivers content right in front of eager eyes, keeping your audience hooked and wanting more.

Week 5

Stepping into the Media Spotlight

It's showtime, and the spotlight is all yours. You’ll zero in on the media with press releases designed to make you stand out and get the attention you deserve. You'll learn to build lasting relationships with the gatekeepers of your niche—journalists, bloggers, and micro-influencers.

Week 6

Your Roadmap to Marketing Stardom

Now, it's time to bring it all together. Refine your master plan until it shines like a diamond. You'll set a timeline that keeps you on track, and you'll have a concrete plan to keep your marketing engine purring. And when it's all said and done, you'll know exactly how to measure your success and dance to the rhythm of sales success.

Are you ready to turn the page to a new chapter in your author career?

Join "Bulk Book Mastery" today, and let's write your success story together.

Yes, I want to sell books in bulk!

What Other Authors, Coaches, Speakers, and Trainers are Saying . . . 

Michelle Villalobos
Speaker & Author, "But I Want to Fly"

Susan is always – and I mean ALWAYS – on the lookout for opportunities for me to market and sell books in bulk. She’s got an amazing ability to sniff out strategic partners, audiences, and events that could be revenue generators or lead generators for me and my business. And truth be told I never would have made my first bulk book sale if not for her guidance!

Ken Streater
International best-selling author, "Be the Good and The Gift of Courage"

Susan’s mentorship is beyond compare. There is nothing like having an experienced, compassionate, and creative facilitator who gently but firmly keeps you accountable to yourself for your success. I wholeheartedly recommend this meaningful course!

Lisa Hammett
International Bestselling Author, "From Burnout to Best Life!"

Susan is a wealth of information. She helps you think outside the box for creative ways to sell books in bulk. This training is a must for increasing book sales.

Earl Bell
Author, "Winning in Baseball and Business"

Thanks to Susan’s marketing guidance, I gained instant credibility as an author and additional gravitas as a business expert. Both have delivered tremendous value to my business, and to clients and organizations that otherwise would not have found me.

When You Join Bulk Book Mastery 6-Week Path to Sales Success

You'll Get These Amazing Bonuses!

Virtual Book Tour Roadmap ($997 Value)

Uncertain about planning your virtual book tour? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our intensive program includes the Complete Virtual Book Tour Roadmap, a step-by-step guide normally reserved for our premium clients. Navigate through each stage of your tour with ease, eliminating the stress and uncertainty of planning. These proven steps have been the secret weapon behind successful book launches, and they're all yours in this program.


5 Easy Email Funnels with Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas ($997 Value)

Struggling with email funnels for bulk book deals? Our "5 Easy Email Funnels with Lead Magnets" toolkit opens up opportunities to quickly increase your audience. Save time and reduce stress with our ready-to-deploy templates and innovative lead magnet ideas, designed to captivate subscribers and drive bulk sales.

Fast-Track Guide to Gathering 20 Testimonials in 20 Days ($297 Value)

Feeling stuck on how to get glowing testimonials? Our "Fast-Track Guide to Gathering 20 Testimonials in 20 Days" hands you the exact strategies my clients use to quickly collect authentic and persuasive testimonials. No more guessing how to ask or waiting endlessly for responses. This guide is your express pass to enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness, all within less than three weeks.

Compelling Author Bio-Writing Template ($197 Value)

Need a standout author bio but not sure where to start? Our "Compelling Author Bio-Writing Template" is your solution. This is the go-to framework my clients use to craft engaging and memorable bios with ease. Forget about te struggle of writing from scratch. This template guides you step-by-step to a bio that truly reflects your unique author's journey, making a lasting impression on your audience.

The Insider's Playbook to Being a Podcast Guest ($4,997 Value)

Seeking visibility as an author? Podcast guesting is key, and our guide, "Insider's Playbook to Being a Podcast Guest," reveals top strategies. It's filled with secrets for securing spots on leading shows and engaging listeners with your narrative. This playbook is your ticket to making each appearance count.

Have questions? I've got answers . . .

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✔️ 5 Easy Email Funnels with Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas($997 Value)

✔️ Fast-Track Guide toto Gathering 20 Testimonials in 20 Days ($297 Value)

✔️ Compelling Author Bio-Writing Template ($197 Value)

✔️ The Insider's Playbook to Being a Podcast Guest ($4,997 Value)


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