Podcast Perils: Busting Guesting Blunders β€” Part 2

speaking Oct 27, 2023

Here are five more podcast guest blunders to avoid and bust so you can showcase your brilliance and expertise to potential listeners:

Blunder #6: Promo Procrastination
I’ve noticed how many authors miss out on a great opportunity. They forget to promote their podcast episodes after they air! It’s a shame because this can limit their reach and connection with potential listeners hungry for their content.

When authors actively promote these episodes, they can unlock boundless exposure and tap into amazing growth potential. Seizing these golden chances and maximizing their impact and influence is important!

Blunder Buster:

To optimize your podcast episode, actively promote it across various channels such as social media, your website, and your email newsletter. Instead of simply asking people to listen, motivate them to actively engage with the content and share it with their networks. When you take these steps, you’ll reach a wider audience and spark meaningful interactions and conversations.

Blunder #7: Me-Me-Monologue
I’ve noticed that some authors I’ve had the pleasure of hosting tend to go on and on about their stories and expertise. They forget that the host and the listeners are there too! This can create a disconnect between the author and the audience, which you want to avoid. Hosts aim to strike a balance that keeps the conversation engaging while valuing the guest’s insights and experiences.

Blunder Buster:

To make the most of any conversation, it’s crucial to actively listen to the host and engage in a balanced exchange of ideas. Showing respect for their role as the facilitator allows them to guide the discussion while benefiting from your valuable input and insights. By actively participating and being part of a thoughtful and constructive dialogue, you establish a stronger connection with the host and enjoy a more meaningful and impactful conversation experience. Effective communication is a two-way street where everyone’s perspectives are respected, creating an open and enriching space for discussions.

Blunder #8: Listener Liaison Lapse
When guests don’t connect with the podcast host and audience, they risk missing out on long-term benefits. It’s important to stay engaged, share additional insights and resources, and foster a sense of community to maximize your opportunity. When you do that, your guesting experience will add value and make a memorable impact.

Blunder Buster:

After the podcast interview, remember to show your gratitude! Sending a thank-you note and actively interacting with the host’s content is a great way to do it. Like, share, and leave meaningful comments to demonstrate your support. Engage with their audience on social media and in the comments section. This makes a big difference in building long-lasting connections and nurturing a lively community.

Blunder #9: Niche Nirvana Neglect
I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some incredible authors who initially aimed for a broad audience unaware of the power of niche podcasts. When you engage with specific communities, you foster dedicated and passionate listeners who share your interests. This deeper engagement and shared enthusiasm can take your interviews to a new level, creating a lasting bond with your audience.

Blunder Buster:

Uncover exciting opportunities to become a guest on niche podcasts that align perfectly with your expertise or genre. By joining forces with these podcasts, you’ll connect with a devoted fan base who shares your passion for your field. This will expand your reach and offer a platform to showcase your wisdom, connect with kindred spirits, and establish yourself as an expert authority in your field.

Blunder #10: Feedback Failure
I’ve noticed something interesting about authors. Even with all their knowledge and expertise, they often miss out on golden opportunities for personal growth. They don’t actively seek feedback on their work or take the time to evaluate their podcast appearances. Imagine the possibilities if you were to embrace constructive criticism and self-reflection! Doing this could sharpen your skills, deepen your understanding, and create content that truly resonates with your audience.

Blunder Buster:

Ask for host, audience, or peer feedback to improve your guesting skills. Also, don’t forget to reflect on your performance and continuously tweak your approach. Embrace this opportunity to learn and grow!

Podcast guesting is a powerful marketing strategy for authors. Countless guests on my “Book Marketing Mentors,” show have found it productive and profitable. It’s a gateway to connect with new audiences, build relationships with readers, and make a real impact.

But you must avoid some common blunders. Don’t be self-centered or overly promotional, and remember to keep it real. What matters most is providing massive value to the audience, preparing like a pro, and engaging with them afterward. I’ve hosted “Book Marketing Mentors” for over eight years, giving me valuable insights to enhance your podcast guesting experiences to make them truly memorable.

Let your brilliance and expertise shine! Wishing you much podcasting success!