10 Lazy Marketing Ideas You'll Actually Enjoy

book marketing Dec 14, 2023

Have you ever felt like you should be promoting your book but can’t seem to find the motivation to do so? Even if you feel guilty for procrastinating, it still doesn’t push you to do what you know is necessary for your book to be successful.

I understand feeling overwhelmed by the many marketing options. You might even convince yourself that they’re too complicated or outside your comfort zone.

But what if I told you there’s a simple yet effective guilt-free approach that doesn’t require much effort at all?

Welcome to the world of “Lazy Book Marketing”

Definition: “Lazy book marketing” is a stress-free way to promote your book and unlock your joy and passion. The approach involves consistently doing enjoyable and uncomplicated activities instead of overwhelming and complex tasks. This strategy values simplicity and makes your book promotion an easy and delightful journey.

Did you ever think or dream that marketing could be an activity you enjoy? There are simple strategies every author can implement without feeling overwhelmed or drained of creative energy. And, the best part is you can complete them in under 15 minutes.

Why opt for “lazy book marketing” activities?

The beauty of lazy marketing lies in its simplicity. It’s about getting results with minimal stress and effort. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend more time doing what you love than worry about marketing strategies that don’t appeal to or even scare you?

Discover Your Lazy Bliss

To unlock the secrets of successful lazy book marketing, you select the activities that truly make you happy. And then, create a routine that brings you joy instead of mindlessly ticking tedious tasks off your to-do list.

Remember, doing something is always better than doing nothing!

If “lazy book marketing” sounds appealing, here are ten ideas to choose from to motivate and inspire action — however small!

1. Social Media Teasers

Do you love sharing your book’s ideas? Turn that passion into a simple plan. Start creating a list of short, powerful quotes from your book. Then, share a couple each week on your social media platform of choice. Spend just 15 minutes a day picking or posting these snippets. It’s a simple way to connect with your audience without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

2. Email Subscriber Appreciation

Do you like to connect with your fans and followers? Here’s a simple idea. Take a few minutes once or twice a week to thank your email subscribers. Share a short story, a writing tip, or a funny anecdote. Build a community that values personal connection. It’s about creating a warm and close-knit connection with people who admire you.

3. Collaborative Efforts

Do you enjoy working as part of a team? Collaborating with other authors or influencers in your genre can reap enormous benefits. A simple joint shoutout or shared blog post can do wonders. A simple mention or sharing a collaborator’s blog post can have a huge impact. It’s all about boosting each other’s voices to easily reach a wider audience.

4. Flashback Posts

Do you enjoy reflecting on your writing journey? Share a post highlighting your triumphs and challenges. Pull back the curtain and let your readers see the person behind the pen. A trip down memory lane connects you with your audience and makes you relatable.

5. Interactive Content

Do you like taking part in interactive sessions? Consider planning a short question-and-answer session on Instagram or Facebook. Encourage your audience to ask about your book, writing techniques, or any other topic they’re interested in. These quick 15-minute connections could turn into an engaging interaction that leaves a lasting impression.

6. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Are you passionate about capturing life through the lens? Share short video clips that provide a peek into your creative environment or daily activities. Being genuine connects with audiences, and it doesn’t need extensive editing. Let your true self shine through naturally and effortlessly.

7. Shareable Graphics

Are you someone who can tell stories visually? Use platforms like Canva to create book quotes or excerpts that are easily shareable. Visual options add creativity and help spread your message with minimal effort.

8. Podcast Pitching

Do you enjoy sharing your story verbally? Spend a few minutes crafting a compelling podcast pitch. Connecting with a wider audience through audio platforms can be a game-changer and another simple way to make a huge impact.

9. Book Challenges

Are you someone who enjoys participating in popular challenges? Consider taking part in online book challenges or readathons. Share your list of books and engage your audience. Even 15 minutes a day can keep your book relevant and connected to ongoing trends.

10. Gratitude Posts

Are you thankful for your audience? Make sure to express your gratitude every day. Share your content, hold regular giveaways, or offer special discounts. These simple gestures help build a loyal fan base that will have a lasting impact.

The Lazy Mantra Formula = Something > Nothing

In the world of “lazy book marketing,” the golden rule is simple: something is always better than nothing. Those consistent efforts add up, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. Find an activity you enjoy, and just do it. It’s the joy in the process that makes lazy marketing effective.

Embrace the Joy of “Lazy Book Marketing!”

As you venture into “lazy book marketing,” remember to enjoy the journey. Find that sweet spot between promotion and pleasure. Let your passion for writing guide your marketing efforts, even if it’s just a tiny chunk of your day.

“Lazy” is not a four-letter word. Rather, it’s a mantra for long-term growth.

In this season of good cheer, take a moment to raise a glass of whatever, to drink a toast to joyful “lazy book marketing” and your book’s success in 2024!