Polishing Your Attitude

mindset Jan 25, 2021

According to marketing guru, Seth Godin, “The difference between winners and losers, isn’t talent, it’s attitude.” Your attitude is like a diamond. Each and every facet needs regular polishing for the brilliance to shine through.

Attitude is the key to success. It influences what we aspire to, and how quickly we get there. A positive attitude coupled with a consistent work ethic needs one additional essential ingredient — belief in ourselves. A positive attitude breeds confidence, which in turn helps us to turn in our best performance.

Attitude needs other partners to help it shine even brighter. Desire, determination, preparation, and planning are what it takes to make it to the top in any field. Then it’s about maintaining that momentum on an ongoing basis.

This means that we have to make a concerted effort to focus and concentrate on our goals, and how we’re going to realize them. It means putting mental time into the planning and execution.

We can have the best-laid plans in the world. However, they’re useless unless we’re prepared to put 100 percent of ourselves into the work. Without the right attitude, and effort, we won’t get very far.

Let’s be honest, it’s a head game. It’s David slaying Goliath. It’s you taking control over your inner judge and jury determined to be “a master of your destiny and not a victim of your circumstance.”

This has been my mantra for the last 30 years. However, it took three lay-offs before the message finally resonated and registered and in my brain.

The first time was the worst. It was humiliating and soul-destroying. It took several months where my self-confidence and self-esteem were shot and swallowed up in self-pity. Then the survivor in me finally emerged to rise like the phoenix out of the ashes. It refueled my energy to go back out to face the world.

After the second layoff, I was like one of those inflatable dolls with a weighted bottom, and even though I had bruised ego, I managed to bounce back.

By the third time, I laughed hysterically and had a serious “ah-ha” moment realizing the Universe had a different plan for me. Did I mention that I’m a slow learner!

That’s when life as an entrepreneur began. Little did I know that it’s really a roller-coaster ride of failures and successes. It’s a game of attitude, perseverance, and growth.

Do you have the perseverance to keep learning and growing? Does your attitude need regular dusting and polishing off to keep you on your path of brilliance to share your message, and value with the world?

Of course it does!

Remember, whatever the obstacles, the highs, and lows, stay the course, enjoy the journey, and love your life. You’re here for a purpose, however big or small.

You do make a difference!