Slay Your Imposter Syndrome Dragon

mindset Aug 07, 2023

Setting Out on a Brave Quest

As a non-fiction author, you’ve embarked on a brave and thrilling quest to share your knowledge and insights with the world. But little did you know that a cunning adversary, the Imposter Syndrome Dragon, waited patiently to join you on this perilous journey.

Can you hear its whispers of self-doubt and inadequacy? Did it make you wonder if you’re deserving of being a published author?

I’ve been through those pangs of doubt and hesitation, just like you. But let me tell you, through my struggles and victories, I’ve discovered some valuable strategies for slaying that dragon, embracing my identity as a writer, and knowing with confidence that my expertise truly matters.

Unveiling the Beast Within

At the start of my author’s journey, I came face-to-face with the Imposter Syndrome Dragon. It crept into my mind like a sneaky shadow, filling me with doubt and making me question my abilities.

I found myself wondering, “Who am I to write a book? Do I truly have something valuable to share?”

But then, as I delved into several books on the subject, I had a refreshing revelation — I wasn’t alone in this struggle! Even successful authors and celebrities like Maya Angelou, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfrey have faced their imposter syndrome dragons. It’s comforting and empowering to know that this is a more common experience than I ever realized!

Powerful Sword #1:

Take a moment to reflect on your amazing writing journey and give yourself a pat on the back for your incredible accomplishments! List three specific achievements you’re proud of as an author, like completing your book or receiving heartfelt feedback from readers (even if they’re family and friends). Keeping this list visible will act as a friendly reminder of your worthiness whenever that pesky inner voice of self-doubt tries to hold you back.

Forging a Shield of Self-Belief

While battling the Dragon of Impostor Syndrome, I had a lightbulb moment — the significance of having a community of fellow authors by my side. Just like knights joining forces, I found camaraderie in writers’ groups and events. Sharing experiences with other authors not only boosted my confidence but also provided valuable insights to learn from.

Powerful Sword #2:

Reach out to a writing group and introduce yourself. Embrace the opportunity to share your struggles with feelings of being an imposter. Brace yourself for an outpouring of encouragement from your fellow authors. It’s like being wrapped in a protective shield, a reminder that we are all embarking on this thrilling journey together.

Taming the Dragon’s Voice

The voice of the Imposter Syndrome Dragon used to overshadow the positive feedback I received from readers. But, during the struggle, I discovered the magic of transforming self-doubt into self-confidence. It all started with acknowledging my strengths and celebrating my achievements. The journey continues, and the fire within burns brighter than ever!

Powerful Sword #3:

Start a journal titled “My Book’s Impact” and write down heartfelt testimonials and messages from readers who found value in your book. Whenever doubts arise, reading these messages becomes a powerful talisman, dispelling the dragon’s illusions and reminding you of the positive effects your writing has on others.

Embracing the Quest’s Purpose

At the heart of your journey, recognize that being a writer is about more than just selling books. It’s about making a meaningful impact on the lives of readers. Your book serves as a guiding star, illuminating the path ahead.

Powerful Sword #4:

Write a brief statement about the purpose of your book and the impact you want it to have on readers. This statement became your compass, keeping you focused on the bigger mission beyond your self-doubts.

Triumphing over the Imposter Syndrome Dragon

Your journey as a non-fiction author is like a roller coaster, filled with an array of emotions and often the company of the Imposter Syndrome Dragon. But fear not! Equipped with strategies to unravel its true nature, you can learn to embrace your authenticity and confidently promote your book.

Reflect on your achievements, seek support from fellow authors, affirm the positive impact of your work, and embrace the purpose of your quest. These companions will stand by your side in this epic battle.

As you embark on this exciting adventure, you’ll find that the dragon may never truly disappear. However, fear not! You can learn to tame it and harness its energy to fuel your growth as an author.

Remember you’re not alone! Embrace every twist and turn of your journey, because your book and expertise have incredible value worth sharing.

Powerful Sword #5:

Explore different ways to engage with your audience — through blog posts, social media interactions, and podcast interviews. By generously sharing valuable content, you’ll boost confidence in your expertise to conquer that imposter dragon.

Slay the dragon, one step at a time, and let your authentic voice shine, for the world eagerly awaits your tale.