Using the 6 Human Needs to Market Your Book

book marketing Sep 29, 2023

Have you ever wondered what sets nonfiction books apart? Why do some skyrocket to the top of the bestseller charts while others remain hidden in obscurity? Is it just luck? The author’s brilliance, perhaps? Or is there more to it?

Well, let me share a secret with you — it’s all about tapping into the six fundamental human needs. Understanding and harnessing these needs can be a game-changer when marketing your nonfiction book.

So, what exactly are these six human needs, and how can nonfiction authors use them to their advantage? Let’s dive in and discover the incredible benefits they offer.

1. Certainty: The Unshakable Foundation of Trust

Benefit: By addressing your readers’ need for certainty, you offer them a safe harbor in the sea of information. Readers crave books that provide concrete solutions, reliable facts, and a clear roadmap to success. In your marketing efforts, emphasize how your book offers practical, proven strategies and expert guidance to help readers navigate life’s challenges.

Question: Do you want your readers to feel confident that your book will deliver what it promises?

Contrast: Imagine a reader torn between two books on personal finance. One promises “Get Rich Quick!” while the other offers “Time-Tested Financial Strategies.” Which one do you think they’ll choose for long-term financial security?

2. Variety: The Key Ingredient to Captivating Engagement

Benefit: Life gets much more exciting when you add a generous sprinkle of variety. And your book marketing is no exception to this rule! Show the world that your book isn’t just another run-of-the-mill option but a captivating gem filled with unique perspectives and fresh insights. Let it shine brilliantly in the overcrowded book market, giving readers that much-needed breath of fresh air they long for.

Question: How can you pique readers’ interest with something different and engaging?

Contrast: Imagine you’re choosing between two history books. One presents “The Usual Historical Accounts,” and the other offers “Untold Stories from the Past.” Which one promises a more captivating journey?

3. Significance: The Quest for Distinction

Benefit: Everyone wants to stand out to feel a sense of importance. And that’s where your book comes in — it offers unique insights and a fresh perspective that helps readers experience something bigger. Highlight how your book brings a fresh perspective or offers groundbreaking ideas to help readers differentiate themselves.

Question: How can you make your readers feel part of an exclusive forward-thinkers’ club?

Contrast: Consider two self-help books — one promising “Ordinary Tips for a Better Life” and the other offering “Extraordinary Strategies to Unleash Your Full Potential.” Which one would you choose?

4. Connection: The Power of Building a Community

Benefit: Life is richer when we connect with others. Can your book be the bridge? Highlighting inspiring testimonials, compelling case studies and motivational reader success stories is a great way to showcase how your book brings people together and ignites meaningful connections. Let your words weave a vibrant tapestry of human connection that captures hearts and minds.

Question: How can your book forge lasting connections among readers?

Contrast: Imagine two fitness books — one promoting “Solo Workouts” and the other advocating “Join Our Thriving Fitness Community.” Which one would you be more likely to pick up?

5. Growth: The Journey to Transformation

Benefit: People long for growth and development, and your book holds the key to not only knowledge but transformation. In your marketing, seize the opportunity to highlight how your book will empower readers to evolve, learn, and embrace becoming the best versions of themselves. Make them feel they are on a remarkable journey of personal growth and profound self-improvement!

Question: How can your book inspire readers to embark on a transformative journey?

Contrast: Consider two fitness guides. One offers “Basic Workouts,” while the other reveals how to “Unlock Your Maximum Potential.” Which one motivates you toward personal growth?

6. Contribution: The Power to Create Positive Change

Benefit: We all want to leave a mark, to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. Can your book empower readers to do just that? Highlight how your book equips readers with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact, not just in their lives but in the world. Show them that reading your book isn’t just for self-improvement but also for creating a better world.

Question: How can your book inspire readers to be positive change agents?

Contrast: Consider two leadership books — one titled “Leadership in Uncertain Times” and the other “Definitive Leadership Strategies for a Changing World.” Which one would instill a true desire to make a difference?

Finally, the six human needs hold the key to your marketing success. Understanding and leveraging these powerful forces will unlock the secret sauce to promote your nonfiction book like never before.

By addressing your readers’ cravings for certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, and contribution, you’ll witness the amazing transformation of your book from mere words on a page into a life-changing journey.

So, go for it and seize the opportunity to unleash your book's full potential and witness its remarkable success!

Your readers long for inspiration, transformation, and empowerment. Are you ready to tap into the power of these needs and launch your book to new heights?

Your readers are eagerly waiting for an extraordinary adventure. Give it to them, and they’ll remain your loyal fans forever.